Second Course

Truffle larded Beef Tenderloin

Heart, skirt steak and sweetbread terrine, Potato cannelloni, foie gras sauce

Sauté of apple and hazelnut, leek press

Natural reduction

Veal Sauce
25Kg Veal Bone
3Kg Pork Shoulder
1kg Onions
45g Garlic
400g Celery
400g Carrots
300g Leeks
1kg Mushrooms

1. Place bones in kettle cover with cold water bring to boil
2. Skim impurities and drain
3. Rinse impurities off bones
4. Cover with Veal remi and chicken stock
5. Bring stock to simmer
6. Simmer for 6 hours
7. Add mirepoix
8. Continue simmer for 12-14 hours
9. Strain, and start remi with left over bones

Red Wine Sauce
1kg Shallots
1kg Mushroom
3L Port
1L Red Wine

1. Sweat off shallots and mushrooms in skimmed fat from veal stock
2. Add red wine and port
3. Reduce ausec
4. In separate pot reduce veal stock to ¼ volume
5. Add in red wine reduction to remainder of veal stock
6. Simmer for ½ hour
7. Strain out shallots and mushrooms
8. Reduce demi to desired consistency

Heart Skirt steak and Sweetbread Terrine

3kg Sweetbread
1.5L Sherry
7L Veal Stock
1kg mirepoix
200g fresh thyme
20g black pepper
10g all spice

1. Wash sweet bread under running cold water
2. Burn off alcohol in sherry
3. Add all ingredients to same pot
4. Bring to 65C for 15 minutes
5. Pull off heat; place in cold bain marie
6. Strain veal stock and reduce to a glace
7. Pick apart to become sweet bread nibbles

Farce for Sweetbread
1.4g Chicken Breast
50g Salt
245g Chopped Shallots
800mL Cream
Veal stock reduction from sweet bread
170g chopped chives

1. Mix veal reduction with cream
2. Chill
3. Robot coupe chicken meat
4. Mix in cream reduction until all absorbed with silky texture
5. Place mousse in mixing bowl
6. Fold in sweet breads and chives

Skirt Steak
3.7kg skirt (cleaned)
100g Spice Mix
30g Salt

1. Rub salt and spice mix on skirt

2.9kg Beef Heart
900g Shallots
200g Garlic
300g Salt
300g Sugar
190g Spice mix
200g Fresh Thyme
5L Veal Stock
700g Mirepoix

1. Rub heart with sugar, salt, end spice mix for ½ hour
2. Place mirepoix, shallots, garlic, thyme, and veal stock in pressure cooker
3. Wash heart under cold water
4. Place in pressure cooker
5. Braise for 1 hour

Assembly of Heart Skirt Steak and Sweetbread Terrine

1. Place saran wrap inside of rectangle terrine mold
2. Dust bottom lightly with activa
3. Place sliced Heart down and dust with activa
4. Place another layer of heart and dust with activa
5. Place skirt stick on top and dust with activa
6. Place veal sweet bread, chicken farce on top
7. Saran wrap terrine mold tightly and cryovac while heart is setting
8. Sous vide Terrine at 57C for 1 ½ hour

Foie Gras Sauce
2kg Foie Gras
500ml Brandy
1L Cream
7 Whole Egg
To Taste Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg

1. Place all ingredients into blender; blend
2. Place into doubled Bain Marie
3. Cook until 72C
4. Pass through fine strainer
5. Place into is dispenser and charge

Beef Tenderloin
11kg Beef Tenderloin
800g Spice Mix
100g Activa Transglutamate
200g Fresh thyme
500g Shallots
290g Garlic
1.4L Olive Oil
200g Truffle

1. Slice shallots and Garlic
2. Saran wrap the trimmed beef tender with shallots, garlic, and olive oil
3. Marinate for ½ hour
4. Lard beef tenderloin with truffles
5. Scrape off marinade
6. Vacuum seal beef
7. Sous vide at 57C for 1 ½ hours

Potato Cannelloni
4kg Large Yukon gold potato
1L Butter
5L Grape seed oil
350g Ever crisp powder
450ml Water
200g Salt

1. Brush metal tubes with butter and wrap with parchment paper
2. Heat oil in pot to 141˚ C
3. Peel and turn potato through turning machine
4. Wrap potato around tubes
5. Make a white wash with ever crisp and water and salt
6. Brush potato and fry till golden brown (remember to push potato together while frying)

Potato Puree
2kg Yukon gold potato
4 pc Bay leaf
5g Black Peppercorns
150g Salt
6L Chicken stock
200g Chopped chives
600ml Crème fraiche
100ml Lemon Juice, Fresh
600g Butter
500ml Cream
To Taste Salt and Pepper

1. In pot place chicken stock, potato, bay leaf, pepper corn, and salt
2. Bring to a simmer and gently cook until potatoes and tender.
3. Remove and peel skin, pass through a ricer
4. Melt butter with cream and add to potatoes, fold in crème fraiche
5. Season with salt and pepper and add chives
6. Place in piping bag, Pipe in potato cannelloni and serve

Vegetable Sauté
1kg Diced Butternut Squash
1kg Diced Celeriac
500g Parsnip
500g Red Carrot
1kg Diced Pickled apple
310g Chopped toasted hazelnut
800g Butter
30g Garlic cloves
To Taste Nutmeg
500ml Sun choke reduction
300ml Apple Gastrique

1. Sauté butternut in pan with butter, thyme, garlic, season salt, pepper, and nutmeg Drain on paper towel.
2. Repeat with celeriac
3. Sous vide carrot at 85c till tender cool and dice
4. Repeat for parsnip
5. In a pan place sun choke reduction and vegetables to a simmer
6. Add pickled apple and hazelnut
7. Finish with gastrique, butter and serve

Mushroom Reduction
5kg Button mushrooms
2.7L Chicken stock
600ml Veal glace
70g Thyme
270g Shallots

1. Puree mushrooms add to chicken stock and simmer with shallots and thyme. (30 mins)
2. Strain and reduce by half and add veal glace.
3. Reduce to desired consistence
4. Season to taste

Sun Choke Reduction
2kg Sun Chokes
4L Chicken Stock

1. Grate sun chokes into chicken stock
2. Simmer 30 minutes
3. Strain and reduce by ½

Mushroom Braise
1.2kg matsutake mushrooms
270g shallot (minced)
20g chives (chopped)
200g bacon
300g butter
20g thyme
5g parsley
600ml mushroom & veal reduction

1. Roast off matsutake mushrooms
2. Cool and cut in half
3. Sauté shallots in butter add mushrooms and reduction and braise in oven at 165˚ C until tender
4. Toss with chive and parsley and season to taste, serve immediately

Leek Terrine
2kg Daikon
2.5kg Baby leek
500ml Orange reduction
500ml Olive oil
20g Fresh Thyme
10g Fresh tarragon
10g Flat leaf parsley
Salt and Pepper

1. Place leeks, olive oil, Thyme, salt and pepper in vacuum bag and sous vide at 85c for 40 min
2. Cool and dry on paper towel
3. Shave daikon as thin as you can and blanch, dry on paper towel
4. Line terrine mould with saran wrap and line with daikon
5. Place in some tarragon and parsley, lay in a layer of leeks
6. Brush with orange reduction and season lightly.
7. Repeats steps until terrine mould is filled
8. Fold daikon over and press
9. Let set 1-2 hours remove and portion.
10.Heat and serve

Braised Cipollini Onion
110 pc Cipollini
100ml Vegetable oil
700g Bacon
40g Garlic
2L Chicken stock
30g Thyme

1. In pan heat oil and sear cipollini
2. Add stock, bacon, thyme, and garlic
3. Bring to a boil and braise at 150˚ C until tender
4. Peel and serve on top of leek terrine

Butternut Squash Puree
1.6kg Butternut (cleaned and diced)
600g Honey
600g Butter
To Taste Fresh nutmeg
To Taste Salt and Pepper
To Taste Orange reduction

1. In vacuum bag place butternut, honey, and butter
2. Sous vide at 85C till tender
3. Place in robot coupe and puree with orange reduction
4. Shave in fresh nutmeg to taste
5. Pass through tamis sieve and season to taste

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